For the past 20 years, we have had the pleasure of working on a number of bespoke and award winning single and multi-residential projects. We have created varying aesthetics from relaxed beach shacks to trendy inner city apartments with our mission remaining on every project; to capture the essence of our clients and how they like to live.

During this time, we have established key relationships with bespoke manufacturers from around the world whom share a passion for producing furniture and furnishings which are uniquely timeless. It is our collaboration with these artisans which enable us to produce our bespoke furniture and furnishings; tailored to our clients brief and budget.

In a world that is flooded with products and conflicting advice we know that the romanticised idea of decorating your home can be a daunting task.  We also understand that not all clients have the luxury of starting their home decoration with a blank slate and are bound by existing furniture, architecture and budget. For this reason, we have developed an easy and un-compromised interior solution to home decoration with our very own LW custom Styled Furniture Packages.

Our Styled Furniture Packages offer a fast and affordable way to decorate your home, investment property or holiday house to an interior-designed standard. Our packages bring together carefully curated pieces to create cohesive, complementary spaces with a binding theme or feel. We use a range of products from Australian and International suppliers which we have vetted for quality and sustainable, Fair Trade practices, as well as including our bespoke custom designs.

How It Works

We currently have two package options available; the Cape Byron and Mandela packages and are busy working on two more which will be released later this year. Each package can be ordered in its entirety, in part, or with mixed items taken from both packages to suit your preferences and budget. 

In addition, we offer our clients the added service of interior design advice if you need assistance with your floor plan and selections to best suit your interiors constraints.  Should you wish for your interior to be installed and styled by one of our designers then this can also be included in your customised Styled Furniture Package. How far you take it is really up to you.

For a standard package purchase, the six-step process is simple:

1. Let us know by email how we can help you.  info@louisewalsh.com.au

One of our designers will reply to your inquiry and just as we commence any Interior Design project, we will ask you questions regarding your personal aesthetic, lead time and project requirements so we have a better understanding of your needs.  If you can provide a floor plan, we encourage you to include it in this initial email. 

 2. Further documentation on the process and pricing structure can then be sent to you

We welcome your questions and have collated a concise information pack which includes our pricing structure and terms of engagement which can be sent, emailed or talked through on the phone with one of our knowledgeable designers.  On receipt of all formal documentation including these agreements, your project can commence!

3. Select your look

Our packages are easy to work with, in fact, they even work well with each other, simply:

  1. Select the package or combination of packages which suits your aesthetic and fill out the selection form with the items you wish to purchase and send them through to us.

  2. Our designers will then review and provide you with a presentation of your selections and our additional recommendations including pricing for your final review.

If, however this is a somewhat daunting task and you feel you require a designer’s hand to guide you through the selection process, simply:

  1. Select the package or combination of packages which suits your aesthetic and fill out the client brief form including your relevant floor plans

  2. Our designers will then review and provide you with a presentation of our selections and our additional recommendations including pricing for your final review.

If after the selection process visualising your space is still slowing you down, don’t worry we’ve got that covered too. As an additional service, we offer our clients a 3D artist impression of their space with our furniture selections in situ. Simply provide photos of your space and a few key dimensions required by our design team, and our designers will then provide you with a 3D artist impression of your space, providing you with a snapshot of your new interior.

4. Grab a coffee and review

Having worked on bespoke interiors for over 20 years, we understand that there is always a bit of tweaking required when it comes to designing a home. As part of our presentation we include a review form allowing you to list any changes which you feel are required.  On receipt our design team will work with you to further develop your scheme where required, adjusting selections and documentation to suit.   This updated presentation will then be sent to you for your final review.

5. Time to order

On approval of the selected items and receipt of your 50% deposit all items will be ordered on your behalf.  This may include some of the gorgeous additional extras we offer such as, linen, art and feature lighting. 

As part of purchasing our Designer Styled Packages our clients will also receive a complementary designer booklet complete with our top designer tips on key design, decoration and styling techniques, the latest trends and key supplier contacts.  We trust that this booklet will further enable you to customise your beautiful abode and learn a little more about the detail which goes into our custom projects. 

6. Time to take delivery

Your package will take approximately 6 weeks to arrive from the order date. If you engage us to provide any add-on or custom services, we will work with you to discuss an appropriate time frame. The items will be delivered to and assembled in your home by our trusted transit company.  

For an additional fee one of our designers can attend your installation to coordinate the transit company and style your home for you. For a brief introduction and general 'look and feel' sketch of our packages, please see below.

Please click a package name to view additional information, or email our helpful designers at: info@louisewalsh.com.au.



Cape Byron is a coastal-contemporary style package that encompasses the forward thinking attitude of our local area - Byron Bay. The package combines contemporary pieces that are light and airy through utilising coastal hues. 


Taking cues from the inspirations of tribal cultures this package is worldly yet relaxed. The Mandela Package is perfect for projects that require a point of difference and is slightly darker in furniture feature colour tones.